Get rid of the duplicated files with DupeTrasher 2009 – 1 Free License


This is a must have software for our files. DupeTrasher 2009 can find duplicated files in our system in a fast and easy way then after we can decide to delete. The design is amazing with user friendly interface. DupeTrasher 2009 is rich of features to resolve our problems with duplicated files and remove them. Also can find duplicate folder, can find duplicate archives and their extraction folders but what I like is instead of deleting definitely from the system, is the possibility to move the duplicated files to another folder. Blog gives you a possibility to win a free License of DupeTrasher 2009 simply commenting this article.

Comment this article and win a free License of DupeTrasher 2009!

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How to understand if images aren’t Photoshopped?


Photo manipulation is the application of image editing techniques to photographs in order to create an illusion or deception, through analog or digital means. Its uses, cultural impact, and ethical concerns have made it a subject of interest beyond the technical process and skills involved.

In our case JPEGsnoop is a free Windows application that examines and decodes the inner details of JPEG and MotionJPEG AVI files. It can also be used to analyze the source of an image to test its authenticity.

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Getdeb software for Ubuntu Linux


Getdeb is more than an Ubuntu software archive. GetDeb extends the existing software options for Ubuntu Linux distributions by providing major updates and software not yet available on the official Ubuntu repositories. Items are divided in 12 categories where you can enter inside, select your favorite software for download, read the description, see latest version or see the some screenshots.

Delete duplicate files

Clone Terminator

Clone Terminator is an easy-to-use program designed to clean your computer from duplicate files. With the help of Clone Terminator, you can easily scan your drives for identical files and delete those of them that you never use. It will increase space on your drives and improve total system performance. The application searches only for TRUE duplicate files comparing the file data itself.

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