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wePapers is a new free service that allows college and university students (or anyone seeking academic-level knowledge about almost anything) to download, store and share quality college papers and documents in a variety of formats such as Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF and Open Office format.
wePapers allows you to preview the documents on your browser before you decide to download them or not, discuss them with others and manage your material. The preview option is a real time saver. The amount and quality of papers on wePapers is very impressive. The uploading interface allows you to upload up to 50MB at a time, and to categorize and tag your paper easily – which makes it very easy for others to find your paper.

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Synchronize Local Documents With Google Docs Using DocSyncer


Google Docs is one of the most popular services used to edit Word and Excel documents online. You can easily download all the documents from Google Docs to your local machine and vice versa.


The process of uploading and downloading the documents can get tedious at times and a automatic synchronizer should definitely be helpful. DocSyncer is a useful utility which will allow you to synchronize your local documents with Google Docs.


DocSyncer will initially upload all your documents to your Google Docs account and then keep a watch on the documents for any changes that are made to them. It will automatically synchronize the changes. If you add or save new documents it will automatically be uploaded to your Google Docs account.

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7 Free Online PDF Converters



Do you need to convert a Word or text document to PDF and you don’t have any software to do it? Well, you can do that online for free. Here I have reviewed 7 online services that allow you to convert documents of various format to PDF for free. Of course, Google Docs and Zoho Writer provides this service for free too but you need to register to use their services. The following online services however, doesn’t require any kind of registration which comes very handy when you need to do a quick conversion. Some of these services even allow advanced features like watermark and encryption.
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