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Random Vista Desktop wallpaper

This wallpaper changer will monitor your chosen folder and recognize when new pictures are added or old pictures are removed.  It will also recursively drill down through each subsequent folder checking for images.  You can also set how often it…

Free Wallpaper for iPhone

Here is a web site list with awesome wallpapers for iPhone. You can use them also like a iPod Touch Screen wallpaper. Of course if you have one 🙂 Enjoy! iPhone Wallpapers on Flickr SCiphone IphoneAtmo Chris Glass

Trojan Horse – Now the targets are Mac users

Security research company Intego on Monday issued a security alert about a new Trojan Horse called OSX.RSPlug.A that specifically targets Mac users. The Trojan is a form of DNSChanger that changes the Mac’s Domain Name Server (DNS) address.According to Intego,…