Quick Tip: Test If Your Port Is Open

port-forward-torrent-emule-p2p-download fast

Have you installed a new router and want to check if you have the ports open? Here is a quick tip to Test if your port is Open.

Port forwarding commonly refers to the change of destination address and/or port on the packet with subsequent regular routing in a network address translator gateway to reach a host within a masqueraded, typically private, network based on the port number on which it was received from the originating host. It may also refer to replaying the packet or stream through a secondary socket to reach its intended destination.

utorrent offer this address for checking our ports if are open or not. Visit the following address and replace PORTNUMBER with your applications port.

URL: _http://www.utorrent.com/testport?port=PORTNUMBER

To check your IP information go to Start > Run > cmd > ipconfig /all

Quick Trick how to Download like Premium from Megaupload


Here’s a simple trick to download from MegaUpload without waiting, without installing any software or plug-in, without having a premium account. What we need is only MegaUploud access and use the Firefox browser.

1. Go to Megaupload link that you want to download, for example http://www.megaupload.com/?d=XXXXXX 
2. Type the recaptcha code as required. 
3. When the countdown time start, go to Firefox menu: View-> Page Style-> and select No Style
4. The page will be reloaded and just click on the button to Standard Download to start downloading.

A very fast and simple trick via visualbeta.