Is your blog ready for 3G iPhone?


Now iPhone is available in more countries and many users will use iPhone to search on the net, play and read our blog. But is you WP Blog ready for this? Maybe not or yes, but you can make it full compatible for iPhone.

A very nice plug-in for WordPress called WPtouch can transform your blog theme to a full-featured when your visitors are using an iPhone or iPod touch. It will be a problem if you make use of flash. Flash is not supported by iPhone, so No Flash. Many WordPress sites today make heavy use of different javascripts which significantly increase the load time of pages, and drives users on EDGE batty. So we’ve come up with WPtouch, a slim, feature-rich, highly-customized ‘theme application’ of which includes an admin interface to let you customize page icons and your logo.

Latest plug-in update was made July 9th.

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