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BidNobble is a Java based auction tool for eBay users. You can track eBay auctions and the snipe tool allows you to schedule your bid to be placed seconds before the auction ends, avoiding driving the price high early in the auction’s life



  • Java Runtime Environment (JRE) 1.4 or newer. Download JRE 1.5 here.
  • eBay account.

Starting BidNobble

The program is distributed as an executable Java ARchive (jar) file. There are 2 ways to run it.

  1. Under Windows just double click the bidnobble.jar file in the Windows Explorer.
    Some archive manager like WinRar can change the association of the .jar file.
    In this case you need to run it manually (see below).
  2. Manual start
    • Start new console (On windows: click Start button, then select Run…, type cmd
      and press Enter)
    • Go to the directory where you have downloaded bidnobble.jar
    • Type: javaw -jar bidnobble.jar and press Enter

Download bidnobble

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