A Quiz 2.0 site


About2findout.com is a Quiz 2.0 site. It’s a new way of solving trivia questions and scoring points. But you can also create new questions yourself and interact, challenge and compare with your friends and with the world. The site has four color-coded zones. You can navigate between them with the menu at the top bar of the screen.

  • Quiz Zone (pink)
    Anyone can answer questions and get or loose points, search questions or view the question tag cloud.
  • Author Zone (green)
    Members can create new questions and get points for that. They can also promote their questions.
  • Club Zone (blue)
    You can join the site for free. Members can keep track of their scores, create a profile, become contacts of other members, send and receive messages and compare themselves with their contacts or with the rest of the world.
  • Help Zone (yellow)
    In the Help Zone you can find tutorials and frequently asked questions.


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