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Specialized mp3 search engines that let users download the mp3 songs found for free seem to appear by the dozen every week. Bee Mp3 is another one of those that copy the usability and interface of a search engine like Google but only let the user search for mp3 songs that can be downloaded from the web.

I don’t want to discuss the legal questions that surely arise when downloading songs found using Bee Mp3. Depending on the country that you live in it could either be completely legal, semi-legal or illegal to use it to find and download mp3 songs.

Bee Mp3 lets you search by album, artist, song or everything. Depending on the search phrase you might very well end up with hundreds of search results. Below the search mask are listings of the World, US and Euro Top 10 and a cloud of the latest 200 searches.

A search or a click on a top 10 song or artist loads the search result page which displays file names, song names, the name of the album, artist and search tags. A click on the file or song name tries to load the mp3 song. The link is encrypted and becomes visible as soon as the new website loads.

I conducted some tests with the result that several results lead to websites that are not existent anymore, ran out of bandwidth or removed the song. Testing some results however always lead to one website that had the complete song which could be listened to and downloaded from that website.

Even not so well known artists like Bridge to Solace, Ignite and At The Gates are found by Bee Mp3. As you can see I love Hardcore and Metal but do listen to different genres as well.


Bee Mp3 is an easy to use search engine that finds popular and not so popular songs, artists and albums. Most search results lead to the right result which can be listened to or downloaded. It can be seen as an advanced mp3 search similar to that of Google with the benefit of interlinking search results by using tags like album and artist names.

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