Microsoft’s Secret Plans for Zune 80 Leaked!


So far it was reported that Zune 80 will be available only in a single color. But apparently, Microsoft is planning on offering customized Zunes to their online customers. At this point, this news is unconfirmed, but Zune Scene claims that this rumor came from a very reliable source inside Microsoft.

According to their source, Microsoft will launch a new website called “Zune Originals”. People who buy Zunes from this site can customize it by choosing different colors, up to five lines of custom text, and 25 preset logos to be etched on to the surface of Zune before delivery.

The second good news is that Zune Software won’t require you to delete your entire music library if you want to sync your Zune with another computer. I think Microsoft is really taking some strong steps to level up with Apple. First, they let their old customers upgrade their firmware to get the new interface, and now customizable Zune along with better software for Zune.

by Thilak [via Techbuzz]

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