Nokia develops eco phone concept


Nokia is challenging traditional mobile phone concepts and seeking to help the environment in one go, with the unveiling of its Eco Sensor Concept handset design.

The Finnish phone giant claims it designed the handset not only to be capable of making calls, but also to provide individual and ecological benefits.

While the Eco Sensor phones doesn’t seem as though the phone’s designed to let users monitor their individual carbon footprint, Nokia claimed that by making the handset as small as possible, it’ll be helping to minimise any environmental impact and reducing the need for too many materials.


Where next?
By creating the Nokia Eco Sensor Concept, we hope to stimulate an ongoing discussion and idea sharing – both within the mobile industry and with consumers. Through these discussions, we hope to gain a better understanding of what we can do with mobile technology in the near future and how we can lead the mobile industry towards a sustainable future.

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Mozilla Working on a Mobile Browser


After successfully changing the game in desktop web browsing, Mozilla now has its sights set on the mobile market with a version of Firefox to appear for mobile phones as early as 2008.

Mozilla is taking mobile browsing seriously, and has already hired at least two high profile mobile developers for the project. Former Openwave browser chief Christian Sejersen has joined Mozilla to head up engineering and development of the browser, and France Telecom researcher Brad Lassey would also join the team.

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