84 Pure CSS Free GUI Icons


I want to share today these experimental CSS icons that works great with the recent browsers. 84 simple GUI icons created using only CSS and semantic HTML. The Demo Page contains the full set of user interaction and media player control icons, as well as other common icons.

If you are a fan of CSS, you probably must like also Pure CSS folded-corner effect article by Nicolas Gallagher. Follow him on Twitter for the recent CSS hacks and our Blog for the coolest stuff!

Demo Pure CSS GUI icons

How to add background to textarea – CSS Hack


Playing with CSS you can create really pretty things. While I’m working a new theme for my blog that soon will be available, here is one of the CSS hacks that I’m using for comments text area. There are many ways of customizing your form elements. I will show you a way how to do this.

You can apply a background-color or background-image to any form element. Like the example i’m using  in a textarea adding a background (in the image above). Please be careful because sometimes it is not a good idea to change the background. The part of the text is very hard to read if you apply a image with lot of colors. Chose a white and black background and edit the opacity to 50% with any image editor.

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CSS Hack max width like image resize


Recently I was fixing some CSS image alignments and the width for images. And the problem was with the big images that come out of content?! At this point comes out max-width. The max-width CSS property is a great property to use when you don’t want an element to get larger than a certain size. It does exactly what it says it does. Using it with images can be very handy. Here’s the syntax.

selector {max-width:value;}
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Download Free CSS cheat sheet


After the post with JavaScript cheat sheet we want to show you another part most important for web designer, CSS.
The CSS cheat sheet is designed to act as a reminder and reference sheet, listing all selectors and properties. It includes a visual example of the box model, unit reference for CSS units and the various media types CSS makes allowance for.
There are two versions of CSS cheat sheet, (v1, v2) made by Dave Child.

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