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Hot babe for CPU

Hot-babe is a small graphical utility which displays the system activity in a very special way. When the CPU is idle, it displays a dressed girl, and when the activity goes up, as the temperature increases, the girl begins to…

Digital Camera Simulator

The SimCam is an online camera simulator designed to teach basic photographic principles. Whether you are interested in film or digital photography, the concepts are the same. Shutter and Aperture Basic f-stop and shutter – Adjust the camera settings and…

How to install DDR Ram to your computer

  184 pin DDR These instructions provide general installation and handling information for 184-pin DDR upgrade memory. These instructions are intended to be used in conjunction with your model-specific owner manual. Note: The memory module contain electronic components that are…

Super Cooler for computer

  If you have some problem with PC temperature here is the solution. Peter working in a computer store building PCs every day. He has create this super cooler PC with remaining fans. [via PeterEdge]