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Finally I update the last version of the script, WordPress 10 days ago release the lasted version with new features and bug fixes. I make also some modification on code tag view (see preview below 🙂 ) and we have also avatar for comments. If your theme don’t support WordPress avatar just open comments.php file and find:

<?php comment_author_link() ?>

and paste this code:

<?php echo get_avatar( $comment, 32 ); ?>

Another Check Point for me is to make a custom theme for the site…This current theme is hardest coded by me 😉 and need a lot of time to load, so will be a lot of work to have all this things for the new one. If someone can help me with some ideas for the new theme I will appreciate a lot.
Thanks every one for visiting this blog. See you around with new hacks and a lot of free stuff.

Ready to upgrade WordPress 2.5

WordPress 2.5 Back on Track: The WordPress Trac has been updated for March 17 release of WordPress 2.5 and reports that it is 62% completed with 610 closed tickets and 374 active tickets, though some may be pushed to the next release.

So what you need for a better update:

  • Check Plugin and Theme Compatibilities
  • Update Themes and Plugins
  • Do a PreFlight Test
  • Disable and/or Remove Old Plugins
  • Backup your Database
  • Relax and Read (The finer print is what matters)

Whether WordPress 2.5 will be released soon or not is still unknown. According to the chatter on the mailing list it looks like it still isn’t ready yet. Matt apparently mentioned a beta2 but the latest SVN tag mentions beta1 so I’m not sure if we will see WordPress 2.5 today.

[via dailyapps]

The Great iPhone Hack, round 3



Two weeks to the day after Apple’s iPhone software update wiped third-party applications from the device and disabled unlocked phones, the hackers have struck back.

The Unofficial Apple Weblog posted details of the iPhone Dev Team’s latest effort, which once again opens the iPhone up to third-party applications and the ability to use it on any other GSM network than AT&T’s. This appears to be a more substantial effort than the one posted earlier in the evening that exploits a vulnerability in a TIFF image file; you can bet that one will be patched fairly quickly.

The latest hack allows iPhone users who have already installed the OS X 1.1.1 update to revert their iPhones to the previous 1.0.2 update, “jailbreak” it for third-party applications, and then somehow update back to the 1.1.1 version without the cell door slamming shut. TUAW and iPhone Atlas have tested the latest hack and have declared that it works, assuming you have a certain amount of knowledge of the iPhone’s command line interface.

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IE7 Update Available for Download

Microsoft has just released an updated version of Internet Explorer 7, with a few new minor features, and broader availability to more users. Windows Genuine Advantage validation is no longer required for the installation of IE 7, and is now accessible to all Windows XP users. Those who are already running IE7 will not get it again through Automatic Updates. The latest version can be downloaded here.

The aforementioned minor changes include the default visibility of the menu bar, the addiiton of a how-to series for the IE7 online tour with an updated overview for first-run users. Lastly, there