Avoid the pain of Windows 8 – Download Ubuntu Now

Ubuntu 12.10 Terminal-preview

Here is how Canonical presented today Ubuntu 12.10 release.

You can upgrade or download a copy for free of Ubuntu or take e tour of this great operation system. Ubuntu 12.10 will be supported for two years and includes cutting-edge new features that make your music, videos, documents and apps much easier to access.

Download Ubuntu 12.10 – Desktop

MacBuntu – Next Ubuntu Release


Instead of brown color, on Ubuntu "Lucida Lince" we will have this thing here. A light and lighter theme of Human and for sure it looks like Mac Os X style where some people like it and some not, as commented on Jono Bacon Blog.
If you can’t wait till the next release Gnome-look.org can help you to personalize your Linux Style! Do you Like it!?

Get Android Theme for Ubuntu


What I want to share today is this nice theme for Ubuntu, called "Genoid". A theme for Gnome Environment, Ubuntu Linux inheriting Android Theme with some modification and improvement. Genoid has GTK, GDM  and icon themes to have a complete android experience.


You can download Genoid theme here.