Advanced Task Manager for Windows – Task ForceQuit Pro

task_quit-Professional task manager

Programs are not bug free and sometimes the crashes or stop working. The standard Windows Task Manager offer the same service but not restarting apps without quite completely. A simple tool Task ForceQuit Pro which works in a similar way to the Applications tab in Windows Task Manager but with a few more useful options when dealing with crashed or hung software. As you can see from the post screenshot the interface is very simply and commands are displayed in clear mode. Restart Explorer is a helpful when an applications has hung or crashed system resources.

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How to Remove Funny UST Scandal.avi.exe (Virus)

Recently my friend are infected by a virus called "Funny Scandal.avi.exe". How to remove this virus? For me this name was new so I searched up and a post of babyface was excellent.

First you have to download taskiller in here or here and install it to your computer because you can’t use task manager to terminate the virus(the virus automatically close task manager).

run taskiller and left click it on the system tray(the one with a skull icon)
click processes
to close the virus, select process and click yes to the question

(process to close)

  1. killer.exe
  2. lsass.exe
  3. smss.exe

note: close only file that have the same icon of Funny UST Scandal.avi.exe


  1. now, click “start” then “run”
  2. type “cmd” without quotes
  3. type “cd\” without quotes
  4. type “attrib -h -s smss.exe” without quotes
  5. type “attrib -h -s autorun.inf” without quotes
  6. type “start c:” without quotes (a new window will open)
  7. select smss.exe, autorun.inf, Funny UST Scandal.avi.exe and delete it


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