Arm your PC from Hackers


Hackers have newer methods to hack into your systems.They are smart enough to detect security loop holes in your PC and enter through open ports,unencrypted Wi-Fi connections,malicious websites or internet servers.It is better you check your PC periodically for invasions and protect your system to prevent pilfering and damage of data.

Read the following tools that will rescue your PC when it is in danger.

Detecting security loopholes

Paros :Scans Internet Traffic and identify if any website contains any malicious codes.

Netcat : Finds potential trouble spots in the network.

Network Scanner : Searches for open spots.

Angry IP-Scanner : Fast IP and port scanner.

Nmap : Shows open ports and logs.

AiO secretmaker : Protects from intruders.

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How to remove Spyware from your PC (part 1)



Spyware is any technology that aids in gathering information about a person or organization without their knowledge or explicit permission. Spyware silently transmits user information via the Internet to advertisers. In addition, Spyware will very often cause your PC to perform very poorly (slow browsing and downloads, program crashes etc).

To get started, visit and download Ad-Aware 2007, which is free for personal use. The installation is very straight forward (you’ll mostly click ‘next’ a bunch of times)

  1. When Ad-Aware is finished installing it will prompt you to run it for the first time. Click Finish to continue
  2. When Ad-Aware launches, it will check for any updates, including the definitions file (the file that contains all of the ‘known’ pieces of spyware). Continue reading