Top 10 Free Android Photography Apps


Android is going very well, and the Apps Market is growing every second. If you are thinking to create any Android Apps, you must read how to install Android SDK in less than 10 steps. In this post I will show the Most Used Android apps for photo editing based on users review.

Photoshop Mobile


Yes, I started with Adobe Photoshop Express, because is the first name when you thing about photo editing, or not? With APE, you can edit, share photos, crop, rotate, adjust color, and add artistic effects. The feature that I like the most is that you can access them also from your free account.

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Released Photosynth, the Flickr rival


Microsoft has released to the public Photosynth, a service created from Microsoft Live Labs. They pretend to be the main contender of Flickr. The technology that is inside the base of Photosynth will allow your to upload photos and to visualize them in a 3D ambient.

Microsoft will offer a space of 20 Gb for the photos, with the possibility to increase the space in the future. For the visualization of the photos is necessary to  install a client. A characteristic that allows upload quickly the photos and use zoom in a fast way.