6 Free Templates for Windows Office 2007


Templates for Office 2007 in 9 different colors and 6 different styles.

To use your new theme:
-If you haven’t already opened Microsoft Offi ce PowerPoint 2007, Microsoft
Offi ce Word 2007, Microsoft Offi ce Excel 2007, Microsoft Accounting Express or
Microsoft Publisher, do so now.
-In PowerPoint 2007, on the Design tab, in the Themes group, click the More
button. Look in the Custom section to see the new theme you just downloaded.
-In Word 2007 or Excel 2007, on the Page Layout tab, in the Themes group,
click Themes and look in the Custom section to see the new theme you just

Download Free Copy of Vista Ultimate for Your Feedback (Limited Offer)


How would you like a free copy of Windows Vista Ultimate, Office Ultimate 2007, Money Plus Premium, Streets and Trips 2008 or Microsoft Student with Encarta Premium 2008? Well one of these fine (or buggy as the case may be) products can be yours for the low low cost of nothing.
But wait, you’re saying, didn’t my momma tell me there’s no such thing as a free lunch? Well, your mom was apparently one smart cookie. Because while Microsoft is offering up these applications free of charge, the company would like something in return: the ability to look over your shoulder for a few months.

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