Third-party ads for Google content network

How to control third-party ads shown on your site
The same ad management features for Google ads also apply to third-party ads. You can use the Ad Review Center to filter specific placement-targeted ads from appearing on your site. To block contextually-targeted ads from a given advertiser, you can use the Competitive Ad Filter. (The Ad Review Center currently only shows placement-targeted ads, not contextually-targeted ads.)
Optimizing your site to allow third-party ads
To allow third-party ads on your site:

  1. Opt into image ads – Currently, third-party ads are only available in image or Flash, so they won’t appear in text-only ad units.
  2. Enable advertisers to target your AdSense channels – Most advertisers who use third-party ads are brand-conscious. They prefer to specify websites where their ads will appear in order to optimize the targeting and effectiveness of their campaigns.
  3. Opt into placement targeting – Placement targeting will allow advertisers to target their ads specifically to your site.

Following these steps will enable your site to accept third-party ads. However, we can’t guarantee where or when third-party ads will appear on your site.

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Calculate your Adsense revenue- Adsensemeter


How much you earn with AdSense every month. The answer depends on many factors, like for example, the CTR but more than nothing, eCPM that is very different in certain zones from the world, in where sometimes it is paid more, and sometimes less, and is not a secret that in Latin America is paid very little in comparison to other zones like Europe.

AdSenseMeter is a site that helps to determine us how much we could win with AdSense in certain blog, taking into account the traffic measured with Alexa, and using eCPM variable that we can modify to our pleasure.

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The Big Word of Advertising – Make Money On Line


  • Google Adsense : The king on the network. Most used ads program from webmasters. (CPC)

Other Alternatives to Google Adsense:

Don’t forget both rivals like:

Other Ads programs are:

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Personal Financial Management


Money management software is usually complicated while online ones are too simple and featureless. BudgetPulse is built on principles of simplicity, user friendliness and comprehensiveness. As the application is easy to use, it is especially useful for people to manage and monitor their financial condition. For security reasons, we have no intention to link to users’ account data directly.

The Features


Multiple Accounts
Able to manage different accounts, e.g. Saving, Visa, Cheque Book Account.


Money Tracking
Easy transaction keeping for Income, Assets, Loans, Expenses and Investment.


Charts Representation and Analysis
All data can be analyzed and displayed on interactive charts.


Budget Planning
You can plan your money spending budget on weekly or monthly basis.


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Adobe Brings Yahoo! AdSense to PDF Documents

Adobe introduced a free “Ads for PDF” program that allows content publishers to monetize PDF documents that are distributed online via email or websites.


Like Google AdSense, Adobe will show contextual ads when the PDF file is viewed inside Adobe Reader or Acrobat Writer – publishers make money from the PDF file when readers click on those ads. Surprisingly, there’s no talk about Adobe Digital Editions, the original advertising-supported PDF viewer.

To enable ads in your eBooks and other PDF files, publishers will just have upload their document to Adobe website. When people download and open that ad-enabled PDF file in Acrobat or Adobe Writer, they’ll see contextual ads inside the PDF.

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