Transform Your Windows XP to Look Like Mac OS X


If you like the functionality of Windows XP but long for some of the eye candy that Mac OS X offers, then the FlyakiteOSX transformation pack is something you should definitely take a look at. FlyakiteOSX works on Windows XP (both Home and Professional), Windows 2003, and Windows Media Center Edition (2003, 2004, and 2005). By utilizing such 3rd party applications as Y’z Shadow, WinRoll, and Docks, plus the Tiger Visual Style (all of which are included in the transformation pack), your XP machine will be “aquafied”.

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38 Free Icon Checkpoints


Mini Pixel Icons

1. FamFamFam – most popular free silk icon sets in the internet.
2. Tango Icon Library – hundreds of desktop icon sets.
3. 2pt3 – five sets of square bullet icons.
4. Drunkey Love Iconset – consists of over 100 16×16 icons in PNG format.
5. Strawbee – tiny little cute icons.
6. Sanscons – a small spinoff icon set that allows for CSS-based coloring and framing.
7. Bitcons – a mini-pixel icon set containing 121 individual icons for various subjects.
8. Sweetie – cute and clear icons to use for web application.
9. Feed Icons – official feed icons. Continue reading