84 Pure CSS Free GUI Icons


I want to share today these experimental CSS icons that works great with the recent browsers. 84 simple GUI icons created using only CSS and semantic HTML. The Demo Page contains the full set of user interaction and media player control icons, as well as other common icons.

If you are a fan of CSS, you probably must like also Pure CSS folded-corner effect article by Nicolas Gallagher. Follow him on Twitter for the recent CSS hacks and our Blog for the coolest stuff!

Demo Pure CSS GUI icons

Released Firefox 3.1 Beta 2 with TraceMonkey and Porn Mode

TraceMonkey and Porn Mode - mozilla - firefox

Released Beta 2 for Firefox 3.1 the next version of the Firefox web browser. The new beta is intended for developers and geek people, introducing the private browsing, also-called "Porn Mode" and a new JavaScript engine.
Surfing the web in Private Browsing Mode there is not trace in your pc about what pages did you open or cookies files, also you don’t have to worry about clearing the History. But this doesn’t mean that you can use to hide your IP or anonymous surfing. Just to be clear!

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JavaScript Submit button hack


On slow server or double clicks often we have double post and double comments on blogs forum, forms, uploading etc. Here is a fast JavaScript hack that can disable the Submit button after the first click. So after the users click submit, the button will be inactive for other incidental clicks. Just with adding this following line to your form inside the "input submit" tag:

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Cool font for website with facelift


Facelift Image Replacement (or FLIR, pronounced fleer) is an image replacement script that dynamically generates image representations of text on your web page in fonts that otherwise might not be visible to your visitors. The generated image will be automatically inserted into your web page via Javascript and visible to all modern browsers. Any element with text can be replaced: from headers (<h1>, <h2>, etc.) to <span> elements and everything in between!

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