No Internet for P2P Downloaders in France


French internet users who frequently download illegal music and movies will risk losing their internet connection, according to a newly passed anti-piracy law. This three-way pact between the French government, internet service providers and the local recording industry will allow ISPs to spy on their users and give warnings if they download stuff over P2P networks. These users will be given three “illegal downloading” warnings before their internet connection gets terminated.

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No more avaiable unique IP adress!


Internet Service Providers urgently need to roll out the next generation of net addresses for online devices, internet pioneer Vint Cerf has said.

Every device that goes online is allocated a unique IP address but the pool of numbers is finite and due to run out around 2010.

A new system, called IPv6, has been awaiting roll out for 10 years.

Unless IPv6 is switched on in the coming years, some devices might not be able to go online, Mr Cerf has warned.

Mr Cerf, who played a key role in the development of the protocols which underpin the global net, said: “There is a risk of not being able to get online.”

He added: “The rate of consumption of available remaining IPv4 numbers appears to be on track to run out in 2010/11.”

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