Web Slices in Internet Explorer 8


Microsoft introduces web slices in IE8. With Web Slices, is the possibility to keep up with frequently updated sites directly from the Favorites Bar. When Web Slice are available on a page, a green Web Slices icon will appear in the upper-right hand corner of the browser. You can then easily subscribe and add them to the Favorites Bar or delete Web Slices.


Web Slices can be found in the Internet Explorer Gallery where you can download and find new entry. If you want to remove, right-click on your Web Slice and click Delete.

Download Chrome – Web Browser made in Google


Google Chrome now is available for download. Google Chrome is a brand-new browser from the search-engine giant. The software is built on the same Webkit rendering engine as Apple’s Safari browser, but Google has taken its own path with Chrome, opting for a stripped-down look that doesn’t interfere with browsing and adds several unique features such as draggable downloads, a private-browsing mode, and a new JavaScript engine built from the ground up.


Firefox Easter Eggs


This screen shot is taken from Firefox just type about: and below I want to show you a list with all Firefox about info, and some Easter eggs.

The first one is:

Displays BloatView output (disabled in release builds).

Here we are with:

Shows the malware protection page used when the browser identify some page as not safe for viewing. (Firefox 3-specific).

Shows the arguments and options used to compile the build in use

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