Open .ico with Photoshop


  1. download from this site,
  2. open the zip file,
  3. find the folder (File Formats) in your computer, in Windows: C:\Programs\Adobe\Adobe Photoshop CS3\Plug-Ins\File Formats,
  4. copy the file ICOFormat.8bi from zip inside this folder 
  5. open Photoshop
  6. now, when you want to save a .ico file in the list save as… is also the ext .ico.

Best 20 websites for Icon & Graphics Generators


You don’t need to be a great artist to get great looking graphics. In fact, sometimes you don’t even have to roll up your sleeves. We’ve put together a list of 20 sites that’ll help you create icons, favicons, animations and various graphics in no time.

256pixels – Presents a daily favicon contest. Create a new favicon with their built in palette, and put it up for others to vote on. – Create an animated icon to display during AJAX load times.

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