Emoticons Available in Gmail

To the rich-formatting editor in Gmail is added another Icon. As you can see from the screenshot above that one can insert Emoticons in your letter, the new features in Gmail. If you don’t see that Icon, click on link rich formatting. There are two types of emoticons that you can select in the two faces at the last row. Anybody count the Gmail emoticons? There are 69 very geek number 😀 and 79 animated.

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Cool Gmail Emoticons

Some emoticons that you can use for Gmail chat, was unknown stuff but are very nice.

To use emoticons, just choose one of these options:

  • Type the appropriate combination of keys and press Enter.
  • Click the blue smiley-face button at the right of the text-entry field. A pop-up menu appears, where you can choose from different emoticon sets, including circular, rectangular, or standard.

Here’s a list of the cool emoticons in standard format: