Download Windows Live Messenger 4 Beta


Previews post I wrote about the official Windows Live Messenger for iPhone and now the Windows Live Messenger for PC is available in beta version. Messenger will be available with Windows Live Essentials pack that include also new betas of Windows Live Photo Gallery, Movie Maker, Mail, Writer.

This release of Essentials is focused on two things: connecting Windows 7 to the cloud services you already use, and making everyday tasks simpler, so that you can do more on your PC.

Dwonload Windows Live Essential Beta

New Windows Live Messenger HD – Screenshots

Steve Ballmer previewed last day Windows Live Messenger in Brazil. He talks about the cloud and the new features in store for Messenger customers.

Windows Live Messenger is the first application of Wave 4  to be unveiled, will bring a greater number of games, the creation of badges, more integration with social networks and the possibility to leave a video message to friends who are off line. Other thinks that you can find are the search results integrated with Bing, support for high definition video messages, the new tab management for different conversations, integration with Hotmail and Messenger Companion, also an add-on for Internet Explorer. The last think that I want to quote is availability and the support for mobile devices (OS) as: Windows Phone, iPhone and BlackBerry.

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Messenger Plus! Live compatible with MSN v9

Messenger Plus! Live is an add-on for Windows Live Messenger that adds tons of features and extras to the software. But Windows Live Messenger 9, was not compatible with Messenger Plus! Live. An Till now there is not official release for Messenger Plus! Live and a lot of users was asking if is any way to fix this problem. Till now the only thing that I can recommend is a private beta (build 337) that work with WLM 9. So if your friends nicknames comes with bbcode now you can fix it installing this add-on.

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