Easily build HTML forms


Are you thinking to add a Contact form in a static page of your site? With HTMLform you can create it in a very easy way, even if you don’t know HTML.  HTMLform.com is completely free. Just design your HTML form, download it and that’s it. If you want, your HTML form can notify you, via e-mail, every time that a new record is entered. Check out this examples.

Website HTMLform.com

XHTML-CSS Validator


xhtml-css is a website that helps you check the markup and style validity of web pages. It does this by submiting the urls that you want to check to the W3C Markup and the W3C CSS Validators.

These validators send back validations resulats in SOAP format, which this website internaly consumes in order to produce the result you’re seeing.

How this work? The schema below may be better explaining than words:


Web site | xhtml-css.com