Personal Financial Management


Money management software is usually complicated while online ones are too simple and featureless. BudgetPulse is built on principles of simplicity, user friendliness and comprehensiveness. As the application is easy to use, it is especially useful for people to manage and monitor their financial condition. For security reasons, we have no intention to link to users’ account data directly.

The Features


Multiple Accounts
Able to manage different accounts, e.g. Saving, Visa, Cheque Book Account.


Money Tracking
Easy transaction keeping for Income, Assets, Loans, Expenses and Investment.


Charts Representation and Analysis
All data can be analyzed and displayed on interactive charts.


Budget Planning
You can plan your money spending budget on weekly or monthly basis.


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To Do List!


Recently I have a lot of things to do: writing new scripts, designs around, editing pages, writing post on my blog, help around someone, also things on my private life. So as you see there are a lot of thinks i have to to 🙁

Thanks to Amir Salihefendic that has spend some time creating a task manager. Is called Todoist and is a popular online task manager that’s useful, fast and easy to use.

I started use Todoist recently and I’m very satisfy,  is very fast, nice designs, exactly the needed features, and for more important no ads.

With Todoist you can accomplish more since you have:

A simple interface

Todoist features a simple and intuitive interface that helps you get organized without getting in your way.
You can also use keyboard shortcuts to achieve blazing efficiency.

Built-in calendar

Set due dates on your tasks and get overview over what needs to get done today, tomorrow or next Wednesday. Or why not see your overdue tasks with a single click?



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