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iPhone Apps Review

AppVee is new website for iPhone apps review. Inside you can find iPhone apps separated in categoryes and every entry is associated with screenshots, video reviews, user reviews, recommendations, and real analysis.

Move the cursor without mouse

Here is a hack for mouse pointer. When something is going wrong with your mouse driver you can move anyway the pointer with your keyboard. In Windows hold on the keys Shift+Alt+Num Lock

Creates free ringtones for your iPhone

iRinger creates free ringtones for your iPhone from virtually any music or video file you own. Even YouTube videos! iRinger exports ringtones to iTunes, so there is no need to "jailbreak" your iPhone. You will be creating ringtones in seconds.…

How to take Screenshots of iPhone Screen

Take Screenshots of iPhone Screen 1. Press the front button on the iPhone. 2. Hold down the power button on top of iPhone simultaneously. 3. The iPhone screen will flash momentarily 4. Your screenshot is saved in a new folder…