Render a movie using the render queue in Adobe After Effects CS5


The primary way of rendering and exporting movies from After Effects is through the Render Queue panel.

Rendering is the creation of the frames of a movie from a composition. The rendering of a frame is the creation of a composited two-dimensional image from all of the layers, settings, and other information in a composition that make up the model for that image. The rendering of a movie is the frame-by-frame rendering of each of the frames that make up the movie.

Render and export a movie

1- Select the composition from which to make a movie in the Project panel, and add the composition to the render queue:

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Download Adobe AIR Beta for Linux

Adobe AIR for Linux Beta is out

For the Linux users, Adobe launch the beta version of Adobe AIR. The new features include support for system tray icons, keyboard shortcuts, localization, internationalized input (IME support), filetype registration, SWF and PDF in HTML, multi-monitor support, fullscreen mode, encrypted local storage, support for V4L2 cameras and printing. Supported distributions now are three: 8 Ubuntu 7,10, Fedora and OpenSuSE 10.3. Adobe Air Applications can be downloaded from AIRpollo or freshAIRapps. – Work Together Anywhere


Yesterday Adobe launch in  beta service. The goal for the next few years is big but simple: They e want to change the way the world works together on documents, for the better. is a suite of online services hosted by Adobe that you can use to create documents together and share them with others. It helps people get document work done faster, without email attachments or version confusion, and it makes your documents look great so that you and your work look great, too.

You can sign up for free at

Download Flash Player 10 from Abobe Labs


Adobe Flash Player 10, code-named “Astro,” introduces new expressive features and visual performance improvements that allow interactive designers and developers to build the richest and most immersive Web experiences.  These new capabilities also empower the community to extend Flash Player and to take creativity and interactivity to a new level. (img by

Download Adobe Flash Player 10