Inbox Invitations

Inbox is a new app for web and mobile by Google. A new concept, a new interface but developed by the same team, Gmail. Inbox can be the future of Gmail, consider also re-branding. Google Inbox is available Web app,…

How to Install SchoolTool in Ubuntu

SchoolTool is an open source, web based student information system designed for schools in the developing world, with strong support for translation, localization and automated deployment and updates via the Ubuntu Linux installer and package management system.

How to Install Skype on Ubuntu

Skype is available in many platforms mobile, tablet, Tv, console games and of course computers running Ubuntu. But installing Skype on Ubuntu Linux is not so immediate. Follow this simply steps how to enjoy Skype chatting with friends and family…

Gentoo Linux LiveDVD availabe for Download

Gentoo Linux announced the availability of a new LiveDVD, x86/x86_64 version, and an x86_64 multi lib version. Iron Penguin edition include Linux Kernel 3.15.6, Gnome 3.12.2, Chromium 37, Firefox 31, LibreOffice 4.2.5, Xorg 1.16.0, KDE 4.13.3, XFCE 4.10, Fluxbox 1.3.5,…