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Ray C

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Interesting facts about Wikipedia are represented in this Infographic. 27 Million pages of content, 91% are male and students use more Wiki than Libraries.

New Google’s Easter Eggs

Have you recently searched any base conversation? If yes, you may have notice something strange in Google results. When you search for binary, octal and hexadecimal that refer to different number systems, Google will write the number of results using…

Disassembly the New iPad

  The new iPad is now available on Apple Store. There are rumors that Apple is recycling the iPhone 4 camera. The CPU is new A5X, builded on Samsung labs and designed by Apple. Disassembling photos are provided by iFixit.

Make Room-Find large folders

This is a freeware that list the heavy folders and their type on your computer. It also allows filtering by drives or folder types and re-scanning that takes less than half the time. This app is portable and requires no…