To SEO or not to SEO forum URL

ssslippy from phbforum said:

Actually google has a seperate search engine algorythim(sp?) for forums. In all honesty you dont need SEO url’s anymore. All the major search engines can handle forum url’s now. The best thing you can do is make sure you put your content before your menu’s via divs. Put the proper <h1><h2> tags in the right places.
I am not going to go through everything for SEO but you should google it up and see whats out there for how to make a page properlly seo friendly.
I enjoy the pretty url’s on my forums cause they are pretty and that is the only reason i use them

I like what this guy is saying and I approve but what about and

They are both big forums, the first DP don’t use a SEO for url’s and the second does. Are you the same idea that the friendly url is not any more necessary for the search spiders??!

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Using htaccess to open the door for the Google bot / spider

Search engine bots, commonly known as “spiders”, are standard tools used by search engines to find and index web pages throughout the internet. In order for a spider to find and index a web page it must first discover it through manual submission on their site or more commonly a link from a site that has already been indexed by the spider. A common problem occurring with large scale dynamic sites today is that the links used throughout are query string heavy. This makes it difficult for a search engine spider to index deep within these large-scale sites because of specific precautions the spiders take when dealing with these types of URLs.

An example of a NON search friendly URL

An example of a search friendly URL

This white paper will detail the use of the . htaccess file for Apache based web servers to take dynamic, query-heavy URLs and turn them into clean, efficient, search engine friendly URL structures.

What are the benefits of search friendly URLs

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