Generate Free data for your tables


Was really hard filling the database of my project with data to test it. I lose around 3 hours to type a lot of information’s to fill the tables. is a great website to generate a lot of data to populate your tables. Result type can be in HTML, Excel, XML, CSV or SQL. You can specify and the number of results that you want. For me is to late now but if you are in the same situation go and get as data as you need.

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Finding SQL Injection in your website

scrawler-screenshot-Finding SQL Injection

A really good software that I want to show you today is Scrawlr, developed by the HP Web Security Research Group in coordination with the MSRC, is short for SQL Injector and Crawler. Scrawlr will crawl a website while simultaneously analyzing the parameters of each individual web page for SQL Injection vulnerabilities. Scrawlr is lightning fast and uses our intelligent engine technology to dynamically craft SQL Injection attacks on the fly. It can even provide proof positive results by displaying the type of backend database in use and a list of available table names. There is no denying you have SQL Injection when I can show you table names!

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