Free Ringtones for your iPhone


TheTones360 is a site where you can find a lot of free ringtones for your mobile phone. Everything is organized by genre or by artist, although, obviously, we can use the search engine to find a ringtone in particular. There are around 250 thousand ringtones over 8,200 artists. All ringtones available on the site are free and can be downloaded in MP3 format for any cell, in MP4 for iPhone, or AMR for old cell phones.

The Pirate version of Google


Google Pirate is the version of Google for the pirate lovers. Download music, books, videos, torrents, ROMs, software, ringtones, complete discs, etc. In addition they have available plugin search to add your browser and to look for files with click from the comfort of your browser.

Please note that it is possible to clarify that this finder does not have anything to do with Google, only uses its motor search since they make tens of Web sites.