Super search for Flickr photos


My gallery on Flickr is emty still now, I’m reserving that place if some time “la chiave di volta”* happens and I will have my canon camera and put over the best of the best. But… lets say for what is this post. I want to share a cool site that is a great search for flickr gallery. Is called, clicking on “All Text” is the possibility to search any “text” , click again and it changes to “tags” the possibility to search “tags only”. Other features are “Seek Original” If you want nothing but blue bars change the Seek Original switch to “only.” Turn the feature completely off when you intend to wander around flickr. “Safe Search” Do not disable the Safe Search unless you’re of legal age, in a legal country, promise not to tell your mom, etc. (Keystone)

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Microsoft Plans Flickr Competitor


An anonymous reader writes

"Judging by newly posted job calls, Microsoft is now working on a Flickr-like online photo service. ZDNet reports: ‘"This feature team is building a next-generation photo and video sharing service that will compete with Flickr, SmugMug and other photo web solutions today. This is a ‘v1′ opportunity," the ad said. And video will be a part of the effort, too: "This role will work across the new Windows Live division with teams like Spaces, SkyDrive, Messenger and Hotmail to construct a winning strategy for Microsoft in photo and video sharing." Evidently, Microsoft sees the effort as an online extension of its current desktop technology.’ Gundeep Hora, at CoolTechZone, feels that such a service is unlikely to succeed, and lays out the numerous challenges the company will face upon entering the market."

[via Slashdot]