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Clickster is the essential application for every lover of music. Clickster enables you to easily search for and download mp3 files from the Internet in a totally legal and safe environment. Because Clickster sources mp3’s which are hosted on web servers, you can expect download speeds which put P2P networks to shame. With currently over 30 million tracks available to download (and growing), we’re certain Clickster will be able to locate the music you really want to listen to and there are no dead/broken links.

Download Free Norton Antibot with serial 1 Year License


Norton AntiBot provides advanced, real-time protection against emerging threats, including bots that are used to perpetrate identity theft and other online crimes.This powerful new security solution from Symantec detects unusual behavior on your PC and removes the malicious bots causing it. This protects your PC from unauthorized access and tampering, detects and stops attempts by hackers to take remote control of your computer, and delivers extra protection against emerging ‘zero-day’ threats. To help ensure that you’re always protected, Norton AntiBot monitors your PC continuously to stop suspicious programs.

To receive the free one year license you need to visit this official Norton page. Enter your email address in the form field, and click Gratis Produktschlüssel Anfordern button which will send the serial number to the mail address that you entered in the form.

Now download Norton Antibot in the meantime and activate the product with the serial number that you have received in your inbox