Firefox Add-ons for Sharing Programs – No waiting time

zShare, Mediafire, Sendspace, and Sharebee

You probably know by now how sites like MegaUpload, RapidShare, Sharebee or Zshare work and also how much time you are forced to waste with every download link – they generally make you wait around 45-60 seconds and although that may seem like very little time it can actually become very annoying when you’re actually downloading more than a few files – there’s just too little time to do anything else but too much time to not get bored.

SkipScreen is a free Firefox add-on that lets you skip all the clicking and waiting on sites like RapidShare, Zshare, MegaUpload, and Sharebee. Your downloads start instantly.

Look this video how it works:

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Recover your lost of deleted files


UndeleteMyFiles is a free tool to recover accidentally deleted files from hard disks, USB flash drives, CF and SD cards and other storage media.

UndeleteMyFiles is a quick and easy way to find and recover deleted media and digital devices.It employs a simplified two-step process that enables you recover any files that used to reside on your system.

The interface is very easy to use, just select the device that contains the files that need to be recovered and specify the folder to save the files to.

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