Google Street View Car Hitting a Bridge


Is normal that when you drive a car, you should know the height of the vehicle. But in this case the driver of Google Street View Car forgot about the digital camera over the roof and hit a bridge.
The incident happened in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. You can start here and keep clicking the forward arrow to watch as the cameras apparently get bent by the bridge.

Digital Camera Simulator


The SimCam is an online camera simulator designed to teach basic photographic principles. Whether you are interested in film or digital photography, the concepts are the same.

Shutter and Aperture
Basic f-stop and shutter – Adjust the camera settings and examine the results to understand the relationship between shutter and aperture.

Film Speed
Learn about film speed – Shoot the same scene with two differant film speeds and compare exposures side by side.

Camera Shake
Learn how to spot and avoid camera-shake – Compare wide-angle and zoom examples side by side.

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Install Digital Cameras, Scanners, and Web Cameras on Ubuntu

[hacking ubuntu book preview]

Although TV cards are cool, they are not as common as digital cameras, scanners, and web- cams. Unfortunately, this is where hardware support really becomes hit-and-miss. My eight- year-old SCSI scanner is supported, whereas my newer USB scanner is not. And although both of my digital cameras can work as webcams under Windows, neither can work as webcams under Linux.


Not every camera provides the same compatibility. If your camera does not support a capture mode, then you cannot use the computer to take pictures with it and you cannot use it as a high- resolution webcam.

A tool that you may want to consider installing is gphoto2. This program provides support for over 700 different camera models. It enables you to scan for compatibility with the camera and query supported functionality.

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