Vista Leopard Logon Screen


This is a logon screen with Vista styled components over the Mac OS-X Leopard wallpaper. "ReadMe.txt" will explain you more info! Unfortunately this logon screen only comes in 1280×800 resolution, but you can download the file leopard background and change the resolution that you have after just replace the "Bitmap_200.bmp" file (be sure to convert the picture to *.bmp). If you have questions or any feedback do not hesitate to leave a comment! Enjoy!

Title:Vista-Leopard Logon
Author: Gazz27
Download: deviantART

Download Leopard wallpaper by alliechemical


iPhone Wallpapers

If you are one of the lucky people that own Apple’s iPhone or iPod Touch, and are looking for the perfect background image for your device, then look no further than rwpeary’s Flickr photoset. Comic book geeks are going to love this huge collection of mobile device formatted wallpapers, from Marvel, DC, and some smaller publishers, you will most likely find your favourite characters in the mix.

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