How many filename extension do you know?

filename extensions

A filename extension is a suffix to the name of a computer file applied to indicate the encoding convention (file format) of its contents. In some operating systems (for example Unix) it is optional, while in some others (such as Windows) it is a requirement. Some operating systems limit the length of the extension (such as DOS and OS/2, to three characters) while others (such as Unix) do not. Some operating systems (for example RISC OS) do not use file extensions.

Here you have most popular extensions:

.$$$ Temporary file
.$$A OS/2 program file
.$$F OS/2 database file
.$$S OS/2 spreadsheet file
.$D$ OS/2 planner file
.$DB DBASE IV temporary file
.$ED Microsoft C temporary editor file.
.$VM Microsoft Windows temporary file for virtual managers.


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The Future of Google Apps



A recent presentation from Scott Johnston, a former JotSpot executive, revealed some of the future  plans for Google Apps and other Google services.
A service based on JotSpot will replace Google Page Creator. "Scheduled to be launched sometime next year (2008), Google Sites will expand upon the Google Page Creator already offered within Apps. Based on JotSpot collaboration tools, Sites will allow business to set up intranets, project management tracking, customer extranets, and any number of custom sites based on multi-user collaboration." The service will also allow you to upload any file formats. You can already see a gallery of applications that use JotSpot.
As expected, most Google services will become Gears-enabled and will start to work even when you’re offline. "Will users be able to edit docs, spreadsheets and presentation offline? Scott’s answer was yes, and that the Google Gears plugin would handle the offline work. In addition, Google Gears support is in the works for Gmail and Google Calendar."
Another service that will become a part of Google Apps is GrandCentral, but the integration is not expected to be available very soon.

{ via TechCrunch->GoogleSystem }

Track Exactly How You Spend Time At The Computer

Internet and computers are addictive. In a survey, 65 percent of Americans said they spent more time with a computer than with their spouse.

So how do you exactly spend your time at the computer ? Are you doing something productive or just whiling away time that could otherwise be utilized for better things. What apps are you using most frequently ? What websites and blog consume most of your time ?


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