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Nokia Guide to S60 phones

Symbian S60 3rd edition mobile phones phones with 240×320 screen resolution N73 N92 N93 N71 N75 E50 E65 phones with 352×416 screen resolution N80 E70 E60 phones with 176×208 screen resolution N91 3250

Safari comes to Windows

Jobs: one more thing… a browser war Steve Jobs has re-kindled the browser wars – only this time Firefox is in the firing line, as well as Microsoft. Apple’s CEO today opened his company’s developer conference in San Francisco, where…

Fedora 8 Release Schedule

A 5 month development schedule has been planned for Fedora 8 in order to get into a regular and predictable release schedule with a new release every 6 months. Having a new release on April and October moves development forward…

Evo-Coppermine 1.4.10 Beta 1 Port

Coppermine gallery now is in beta testing… there are some bugs about user and admin permissions but hope soon will be available. Also the installation is not like a nuke-module but you can install in you root folder, for more…

Hello world!

Happy blogging! Thinking this is my new Blog! I will post my best articles about technology, internet, designs and much more hot topics. Please bookmark us or join our network… Best Regards Lirent P.