Make Firefox as Chrome with Chromifox

firefox-chrome (2)

After the Google browser Chrome comes out a lot of similar themes comes also for other platforms. Some post below you will find the Chrome theme for WordPress, Blogger and now also available for Firefox. A similar skin for Firefox as Chrome has but with name Chromifox. The clean lines, slick layout, and compact style of Chromium were the points of inspiration for this theme. Chromifox offers a coat of Chrome for Firefox.

Here it how it look like:

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Google Search Preview


Three words and we are on the first place in Google Search WOW 🙂 but is not for this that I have to speak today. Hope you have notice something different in the search, yes there are some thumbnail for each page result. This is a great plugin for Firefox that inserts preview images (thumbnails) of web sites into the Google and Yahoo search results pages.

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4 Ways How to Open a New Tab in Firefox


Maybe some of you till now is using the Ctrl + T key combination to open new tabs, but here are other 3 methods how to open more quickly new tab in Firefox! I don’t know which is fasted for you but I use most the CTRL+T and the Double Click showing in the image above. Of course I open a lot of tabs more than 10 and the double click is not any more working and in this case the fast way for me is to use the keyboard…

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Firefox Easter Eggs


This screen shot is taken from Firefox just type about: and below I want to show you a list with all Firefox about info, and some Easter eggs.

The first one is:

Displays BloatView output (disabled in release builds).

Here we are with:

Shows the malware protection page used when the browser identify some page as not safe for viewing. (Firefox 3-specific).

Shows the arguments and options used to compile the build in use

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Hack to Firefox search tab


When we search often we use the search box on the top of Firefox, and very often we open a new tab. Here is the hack how to make this tab in an automatic opening when we search and we keep the current page. Type about:config. Scroll down or find the string and change the value from false to true, like in the screen shot.

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Zeline simple skin for Firefox 3


Skin features:

  • More than 50 customized icons
  • Custom navigation and bookmark background menus
  • Small size for the icons displayed in the navigation menu
  • Many other changes and improvements
  • Installation:

    Download this file by pressing the Download button located in the bottom of this page.
    Rename the file you just downloaded from this page from .zip to .jar 
    Go to Tools>Add ons and click over the "theme" tab. Then drag your renamed zeline2 file to that window. Wait for installation to end. 
    Restart Firefox. You’re done.

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