What is more popular in Google? Firefox vs Chrome!


WebSource is a tool that allows you to compare the results in Google given two search terms. On the screenshot above I tested Firefox VS Chrome and the winner is Firefox of course. With only one months Chrome is very popular but you know, is Google soon. So WebSource has a simple interface and by typing two terms you can find witch is more popular in Google search results. And if you want to compare more than two terms just type tab from your keyboard and other fields will come out.

Website websource.it

A jQuery Flip plugin


A flip-box? What we can do with this jQuery plugin? The first thing that through my mind are the product presentations or using as tab box with flip effect. As you see there are four directions that the script can move. Here is a quick example and some options:


$("#flipBox").flip({ direction: 'tb', color: '#B34212' });


  • direction: the direction where to flip. Possible values: ‘tb’, ‘bt’, ‘lr’, ‘rl’ (default:’tb’)
  • bgColor: Flip element starting background color
  • color: Flip element ending background color
  • speed: Speed of the two animations (default: 500)

Demo or Download jQuery Flip

JavaScript Submit button hack


On slow server or double clicks often we have double post and double comments on blogs forum, forms, uploading etc. Here is a fast JavaScript hack that can disable the Submit button after the first click. So after the users click submit, the button will be inactive for other incidental clicks. Just with adding this following line to your form inside the "input submit" tag:

onclick="myform.submit();this.disabled=true Continue reading