Download Samsung Galaxy S5 Wallpapers


After the #unpacked event, you are wondering to download Samsung S5 wallpapers. This is a 1482×838 version because the S5 resolution is up to 1920×1080.

Windows 8 Wallpapers



Beautiful set with Windows 8 wallpapers. Have upgraded to version 8.1? You can do it by clicking here! The Start button is back, but doesn’t work as the previews one, simply is a switch desktop/metro.

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25 iPhone Abstract Wallpapers



This collections is a hand picked of iPhone Abstract Wallpapers. On iPhone 4 you can set a different wallpaper for Home Screen and for applications background. Save your favorite send or synchronize your photo folder and enjoyed.

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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Wallpaper Collection



Modern Warfare 3 is the most recent episode of Call of Duty videogame. Take a look at this fabulous Call of Duty wallpaper collection. Pick a favorite or simply download the files and rotate your wallpapers every day in order to have a fresh desktop to impress with.

click on the image to have the full size view

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Collection of 20+ Ubuntu Linux Wallpapers



In this post, we’re showcasing a collection of Ubuntu Wallpapers. We have chose the best designs around the web and putted them together. You can find any color and any shape. Find what do you like most, download exactly or bigger size as your resolution screen and enjoy it.

Quick Tip: Find your Resolution Screen

In most case you need a wallpaper that match with your resolution screen. Check it form website.

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