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Google Keep – Notes on your Android device


Google officially rolled out its new Note service, Google Keep, after the product early leak. Their slogan on Official Blog is “quickly jot ideas down when you think of them and even include checklists and photos to keep track of what’s important to you”.

With Google Keep, you can create notes, checklists, photos and voice memos and all the content syncs across your devices.

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Remote Notifier for Android–Notifications on PC


Sometimes we leave the smartphone around and it happened that we miss some call or SMS. With Remote Notifier for Android you will receive notifications, such as phone ring, SMS and low battery, on the screen of your Mac, Linux or Windows desktop.

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Top 10 Free Android Photography Apps


Android is going very well, and the Apps Market is growing every second. If you are thinking to create any Android Apps, you must read how to install Android SDK in less than 10 steps. In this post I will show the Most Used Android apps for photo editing based on users review.

Photoshop Mobile


Yes, I started with Adobe Photoshop Express, because is the first name when you thing about photo editing, or not? With APE, you can edit, share photos, crop, rotate, adjust color, and add artistic effects. The feature that I like the most is that you can access them also from your free account.

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Install Android SDK in less than 10 steps


If you are new to the Android and want to test and develop applications you need to install Android SDK tool integrated with Eclipse editor.

As first step you need to download the SDK for your computer. Select the SDK for you operating system.

Download the Android SDK


Mac OS X (intel):

Linux (i386): android-sdk_r15-linux.tgz

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