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The New Facebook – Google Plus like


Today Facebook announced the new interface for the biggest social network. The current wall feed was a clutter according to Facebook, now they introduced a new concept. Google+ like! Now the news feed is separated on sections. Users can choose what feed to display friends updates, pages news, following updates etc.

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New Facebook Home Screen


The first impression it looks like a dating site. This is the new Facebook home screen. Introducing Graph search, users have the possibility to get an invite. There are coming several changes on the most popular social network. Will be just a joke searching what you’re looking for on Facebook and discover fun connections between people, places and things. Actually this is their slogan but time will tell if Graph will have success or not. Check out also our fan page on Facebook

Facebook Hack – Like to Download


There are several hack that you can apply on Facebook Like Button. Here we have an example with Like to Download. If you have any product for download, you might add the Like button to that page. Users that want to download your product first have to "Like" your content. Is not fair, but you can have some fans very easy.

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Everything you need to now about Facebook Security-Infographic


Is your Facebook Account "Secure" enough? Are you using https protocol? Check the Facebook URL, if the last "s" is missing go to your profile and activate the secure bowering. This infographic about Facebook Security and Spamming. You can also become a fan at our page :

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