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How to Upgrade Ubuntu to version 14.04


Before we start the upgrade, is highly recommend to make a data backup. Currently is the beta version 14.04 and is not recommended to run on main computers. The final version 14.04 (Trusty Tahr) will come in less than one month (on April 17, 2014.) with new features and improvements .

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How to make Facebook Like Button and Comments Responsive


Responsive design or Adaptive? Well, Responsive design is a subset of Adaptive design concept. But anyway, if your website is Responsive, (what i will recommend), and you are facing some layout issue with Facebook Like Button or Comments, here is a CSS quick tip how to fix it!

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Fix Windows 8.1 upgrade error


Several users are reporting Windows 8.1 fails during the upgrade. The first solution is turning On Windows updates and be sure that update: KB2871389 is installed on your computer.
The second problem may come from your Windows Edition. The Windows 8 Enterprise, is not supported via Store or you have installed any cracked version.

If you are ruining windows 8 you can upgrade for free from Windows Store. Upgrade to Windows 8.1

Solution for slow performance Ubuntu 13.10 running in Virtualbox


Ubuntu released the 13.10 version of most popular Linux distro where all major changes are under the hood! But running Ubuntu on VirtualBox, sometimes the Unity 3D is not supported.  After the Upgrade the performance was very bad. You can check your 3D support by typing this line on your Terminal:

/usr/lib/nux/unity_support_test -p

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How to disable Google Chrome New Tab Page


Google Chrome is  rolling out a feature that change the New Tab page with a bigger search form and quick shortcuts to Google services. They have included also the huge Google flat logo but the popular website thumbnails become smaller. Reading comments over Google Plus, not everybody like it! And here how to disable this new Tab Page.

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