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How to Upgrade Ubuntu to version 14.04


Before we start the upgrade, is highly recommend to make a data backup. Currently is the beta version 14.04 and is not recommended to run on main computers. The final version 14.04 (Trusty Tahr) will come in less than one month (on April 17, 2014.) with new features and improvements .

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How to make Facebook Like Button and Comments Responsive


Responsive design or Adaptive? Well, Responsive design is a subset of Adaptive design concept. But anyway, if your website is Responsive, (what i will recommend), and you are facing some layout issue with Facebook Like Button or Comments, here is a CSS quick tip how to fix it!

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10 Best jQuery Plugins for Scrolling and Navigation


jQuery can add amazing effects to your website. Here you have a the best jQuery plugins collection for a better page scrolling and navigation. After downloading to implement you have to include the script file in your HTML page. For more instruction on each download page is a documentation link.

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Android Application Development – Settings Tutorial


Settings inside your app allow uses to modify features and behaviors. When application is relaunched certain information are still stored. Of course we can provide a default value for each settings voice.
To provide settings for your app, we can use Preference APIs to build an interface that’s consistent with the user experience in other Android apps.

In case you are asking if you need or not a voice to be inside settings page, this graph can help you decide:


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Android Application Development – ListView Tutorial


There are different ways to implement a list of multiple line items on Android Apps. They can be used for data selection as well as drilldown navigation. ListView is a group that can display our scrollable items. Usually when the user click on a item, some action can be performed.
Our ListDemo will extend ListActivity and use an Android build-in list view, simple_list_item_1 layout. We will not care much in this part for performance or manage huge data, this will be covered on future post, so make sure you subscribe to our feeds. Our example will be an array with some data and make use of ArrayAdapeter(...).

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